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Based in London, active around the world, meet the smiling happy people who work hard to empower your SEO.

A note from our founder


Here at Seene, we believe great teamwork leads to excellent results – and we like to think we can be a positive addition to your own team too. Our service is based on utilising our team’s talent and skills to provide exactly as much help as you need to grow your business – whether that be taking over your content creation and link building completely, or working alongside you.

  • We communicate, and we’re always here.  We’ll work with you to formulate clear, actionable goals and then provide you with regular updates
  • We won’t let up when the going gets good. You’re not just a client to us – you’re a partner, and we’ll always strive to improve at providing value
  • We’re here whenever you need us. If your targets shift, we’ll change with you. Our team will adapt to your needs as your business takes off  

Emma Williams

Founder & CEO

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The story of Seene

Seene was born out of a genuine passion for SEO and link building.

Our Founder Emma is driven by the ever-evolving and hyper-competitive nature of digital marketing, forever intrigued by what it means to create engaging content, to nurture meaningful relationships with an audience, and to pursue truly sustainable marketing practices.

Seene started as a passion project, a freelancer’s dream to work, travel and help businesses create content that converts web users into customers, building links that businesses are proud of, and helping passionate brands move up the SERPs at breakneck speeds.

From the beaches, bars and cafes of Sri Lanka and Australia, our Founder forged lasting relationships with an ever growing group of clients, so many in fact that demand soon began to rise above the manageable threshold of a small-scale freelancing operation.

The Seene team quickly grew to include driven professionals from all over the world, experts from America, India, Europe, the Philippines, Australia and our base of operations, London.


As Seene has grown into a global operation, we’ve gone from strength to strength, working closely with clients of all sizes to create content that truly matters and to build links that truly move the needle. 

That said, our goal isn’t to reinvent the wheel, rather to take existing services and make them better.

Better value, better content, better results.

And those results speak for themselves; over 90% of our business has come from word of mouth, an achievement we think we’re right to be proud of.

While many agencies may win clients with the words of their founders, those same clients are then often passed around multiple account managers causing confusion and frustration.

We do things differently.

We’re a small but mighty agency, where unique strategies for every client come from the brains at the top, ensuring our founder will always be there to answer questions or hop on a call.

We like to think of ourselves as an extension of your in-house team, a group of professionals you’d be ecstatic to hire, passionate leaders who pride themselves on prompt communication, consistent availability and results that you can see.

Most importantly, our clients become our friends, we celebrate successes together, and we can’t wait to show you the difference that makes.

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