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Seene Digital is a trusted SEO company in London for
SEO Content Marketing Link Building

  • White label content marketing and link building services 
  • Fast turnarounds with monthly deliverables 
  • Unrivalled quality and site vetting metrics 
  • Pay per backlink, piece of press or piece of content, or opt set up a recurring monthly plan that can be cancelled anytime 
  • Only pay when the work is finished and you’re 100% happy

Get In-Content Backlinks

From Just
£ 100
  • Pre-approve all sites
  • DA 30+ up to DA95 sites with real traffic
  • Natural, relevant, in-content links
  • 100% genuine manual outreach content links
  • No spammy sites - we work with real buisnessesyou'd be proud to be featured on

Extend your in-house team for half the cost but all the quality

With extensive industry experience in skyrocketing rankings for S&P 500 companies and billion-dollar revenue companies,To kick-ass start-up companies and e-commerce websites, we possess the knowledge and skill to make your business stand out online.

Our Services


With a disciplined and creative approach to link-building, we take the time to understand our clients’ goals before developing a strategy that builds genuine links with an unwavering focus on relevance and quality.

Content Writing

Designed to increase credibility, visibility, and traffic. Our keyword-gurus and experienced writers work together to create magazine-quality, optimised, shareable content that ranks

How it works

Build your campaign

Submit your order for quality backlinks and/or blog content  using our campaign builder.

We’ll get back to you with a quote and proposal within 24 hours! 

Project Stategy

Our keyword experts, content gurus and the web’s best link-builders get to work researching and strategising!

You can opt to have complete control over the process, only approving sites and content when you’re happy. Or, relax, take a back seat, and leave everything to us. 

Streamlined Delivery

We’ll send you the finished blog content or publish your link/ghost post, and deliver the results in a white-label report.

Set your campaign up as a monthly gig, or just pop back when you need us. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our services.

Hear what our customers have to say...

Lorena Tivadar
Lorena Tivadar
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"I started working with Seene Digital LTD almost two years ago and am very happy with this collaboration. They are very professional, reliable, and helpful, and most of all – you get great results! I highly recommend them to anyone looking for link-building services.
Robyn Lee Howard
Robyn Lee Howard
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"We've been working with Seene Digital LTD for over 4 years now and the work is incredible. They've been able to help get our clients placements on some of the largest sites on the web. Her team does amazing work and look forward to continuing to work with this team."
Agota Major
Agota Major
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"I started working with Seene Digital LTD one year ago, and our collaboration has been fruitful and smooth. Prompt responses, easy communication, excellent results - these are only a few things that come to mind when thinking about our collaboration. Highly recommend to anyone looking for quality link building services."
Sara Routhier
Sara Routhier
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"For over 3 years, Seene Digital has done regular, monthly work to help me improve the content and backlink profile for 50+ sites. Seene Digital has the most dependable, reliable, and hard-working group of professionals I have worked with in over 8 years. The leaders at Seene are some of the best in the digital marketing industry. If you need help with content creation, marketing, SEO optimisation, and building your brand, I would highly recommend Seene Digital."
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith
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"Seene Digital are great partners for the most important factors of SEO nowadays - content and Backlinks. With their help, I managed to get some high-quality links for my clients. Their service is excellent and communication with them is done easily. For sure will use their services for more of my clients."
Doron Wolffberg
Doron Wolffberg
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"Emma is wonderful to work with. I have been working with her on SEO and PR related content projects for the past 5 years and can not think of a better person or company to work with with.She's very easy to work with and understand really well the content space, projects are on point and always on time."
Adrian Clipotă
Adrian Clipotă
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"Very happy with this collaboration. Seene Digital has a significant impact to our SEO growth and they are very professional and proactive!"


Link building is important because backlinks are one of the primary ranking factors of search engines. The higher the number of high-quality links your webpage has, the better it will rank on search engine results pages for your target keywords.

A link building agency is a specialized company that focuses on acquiring a good number of high-quality backlinks for your website. When it comes to UK businesses, Seene Digital is the go-to link building agency known for its top-notch services.

To conduct effective outreach for link building, you can follow a process similar to PR outreach. You should identify the right contacts who may be interested in accepting guest posts on their websites. Prepare a compelling proposal that explains why you would be a good fit for their site and how you can contribute.

The number of backlinks you need to build for your website depends on several factors, including your specific goals, competition in your industry, and the quality of the backlinks you acquire.

Generally, it takes around 4 weeks, but you can expect to receive your first link within approximately a week. Occasionally, there may be delays due to the availability of website owners. If all your links are placed within a few days, it could raise concerns as it may indicate that the sites are part of a network designed solely for link-building purposes.

Approximately 97% of the links are permanent, but if any links are lost within 12 months, we will replace them at no additional cost.

No, we actively avoid using them. We keep a list of websites we block, including ones that are shared with us in large numbers from anonymous Gmail accounts.

Domain Authority and Page Authority are metrics designed to estimate the relative strength and authority of a website or webpage in search engine rankings.

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