In early 2020, AllAboutCats.com entrusted Cliverse to shake up their content strategy and further secure their position as a well-respected and trusted authority for all things cats

AllAboutCats.com was already a great place to find key information and contained plenty of valuable content. Nevertheless, there was a crucial factor missing in the company’s strategy for significantly increasing their site traffic. In such a saturated, highly competitive domain, the site needed a content overhaul if they wanted to dominate the SERPs.

The Results

By identifying the need to inject some expertise into the site’s content and developing a comprehensive SEO strategy around that, the Cliverse team has managed to increase AllAboutCats.com’s organic traffic by a staggering 1,000% in a year and a half, taking it from 40,000 a month in August 2020, to around 400,000 in February 2022. The team has also significantly increased the number of referring domains with a robust and creative link-building strategy, from 619 in May 2020, to over 130,000 by February 2022.

The  Approach

After reviewing the initial performance of the site and analyzing the existing content, the Cliverse team could see massive potential, but that it was dependent upon fundamentally shifting the expert nature of the content and how that authority was marketed throughout the site.

Traffic-driving, high-quality, expert content

To position AllAboutCats.com as trusted professionals in the pet space, Cliverse worked diligently to transform every health-related article on the site to a piece that has either been written or reviewed by a team of trusted veterinarians.

As you can see from an overview of the team, it features a variety of personalities ranging in experience and specialities. These are just a few of the dedicated and highly qualified writers that create and review content for the site.

Content quality over SEO number-crunching

Gone are the days when SEO was all about numbers. With every passing day, it is becoming more like a human. Search engines have their way of working, and they hunt for five essential content factors; quality, links, site structure, HTML Tags, and content relevance.

The Cliverse team saw a clear path to outstanding results for AllAboutCats.com and focused on prioritizing the highest possible quality content. By considering what keywords pet parents are searching for and why (searcher intent), the team set about to ensure that all advice given was content-rich, useful and written by experts in the field, which has resulted in a huge increase in the number of backlinks achieved to their content, too.

As of February 2022, AllAboutCats.com boasts a staggering 130,000 backlinks and counting.


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